Eyeliner & Eyebrow Pencil

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1- Some Current Main Components Used:

  • Fragrance: Fragrance ingredients in cosmetics must meet the same requirements for safety as other cosmetic ingredients: they must be safe for consumers when they are used according to labeled directions. 
  • Mineral Oil: Also called white mineral oil, mineral oil is a colorless lightweight liquid that is also made from a highly purified, refined, and processed petroleum. This ingredient helps to prevent water loss from the skin and keep it moisturized. Given its many moisturizing and softening properties, mineral oil is used in many personal care products such as bath oils, skin care creams and hair care products as well. 
  • Glycerin: Also known as glycerol, glycerin is a sugar alcohol that can be easily obtained from natural sources. It plays the role of a humectant: meaning it retains moisture in the upper layer of the skin and prevents premature moist from cosmetics. Glycerin has great moisturizing properties as well as it contains cleansing agents. It can be found in personal care products such as soaps, toothpastes, and cosmetics.
  • Dimethicone: Also called polymethylsiloxane, it is a medication used to heal or prevent itchiness, dryness, and other minor skin irritations. It is an emollient which is a substance that moisturizes and softens the skin. Dimethicone is a skin protectant that has skin-conditioning agents and the properties of a lubricant. 
  • Propylene Glycol: Propylene glycol is a clear and colorless liquid derived from alcohol.  It is most often used as a solvent and viscosity decreasing agent in cosmetics and personal care products such as fragrances, shaving, personal cleanliness products, and eye and facial makeup. 
  • Carbomer: This term is used to indicate a series of polymers primarily made of acrylic acid. The ingredient itself is a white fluffy powder but can also be used as gels in cosmetics and personal care products.
  • Aluminium Powder: This ingredient is considered to be the most abundant metal on earth’s crust. It is widely used in a variety of eye makeup products and considered safe.

2- Some Current  Hazardous Components to Avoid:

  • Parabens: Parabens are a group of preservative ingredients that are commonly used in many products of our daily lives. They are used in cosmetics, personal care products, food products and even pharmaceuticals. They prevent the spoilage of the materials they are added to as they prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria. The parabens were proven to penetrate the body through the skin and remain within the tissue which disrupts the hormones’ functions.
  • Carbon Black: This ingredient can be found in many eye makeup products and has been linked to cancer as well as organ system toxicity. 

3- Natural Alternatives:

  • Natural Food Color: You can use this as an alternative to tint your brows. Mix color food with vaseline and apply it with the help of precision tips.


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